• My wife & I have benefited tremendously from Ka Hoe’s coaching & advise, especially using ICE JAR which is easy to use & apply. In fact I feel more people should know about it & benefit from it as it is the foundation for anyone learning to invest. My networth has grown a lot ever since I met Ka Hoe. Keep it up.
    Dennis, Chief Executive Officer
  • Ka Hoe has help me change my financial outlook to be a smarter spender, saver & investor ever since he shared with me the ICE JAR concept. Without him sitting down with me, tweaking my financials, I wouldn't be able to confidently build my portfolio that is suitable to my risk profile. With the simple concept I was able to buy 2 properties worth 1.7 million in 3 years, pay off a renovation loan (70k) , set aside RM 500/mth for my daughter’s education fund & have a saving habit of RM 3-4k/month. I am really grateful to have him share his experience with me.
    Mak, Senior Manager KPMG
  • Ka Hoe is my financial GPS, because he help to point me in the right direction. Before I use the ICE JAR concept, I was only 30% sure of my financials. But after I got to know him when I was invited to 1 of his sharing sessions, then I felt 100% confident on my financial management
    Justin, Information Technology Manager