Seminar : Double Your Networth (Session 1)

As a financial coach, I have been practicing financial planning tips that I have  accumulated over the past 5 years & also experimented the do & don’t in the Malaysian property & share market.  If you would like to know more tips that will allow you to take control of your financial life with more confidence & more results, this is the session for you.

I started with my investment journey with 2 properties, 3 years ago to accumulating a total of 15 properties worth 9 million with my team Magneto. I firmly believe that being rich is a science, just by applying the action of the rich & one will get the same results.


What you will learn from this session


1)      Easiest money management formula

2)       Building a solid financial foundation

3)       How to continuously be able to invest despite market condition?

4)      Fundamentals of your financials

5)      Confidence on taking action through games / simulation

So come join us for the next ses sion on 5th April 2014, you can find out more and reserve from CLICK HERE FOR THE EVENT DETAILS   now. Seats are limited on first come first serve basis.


Concentration, to get the most out of it
Experience sharing among the participants
Learning through game
graduates, one step closer to doubling up our networth