Ng Ka Hoe

Financial Coach

Ka Hoe is a financial practitioner & a financial coach having been in the financial industry for the past 10 years & started coaching his clients since 2007.

He is a frugal person who believe in adding value through financial education & putting these skills into practical everyday use.

He is passionate about financial planning & believes in adding value through 1 to 1 consultation, coaching & seminar style facilitation of games & activities to help people realize their bigger potential.
His favourite hobby is viewing & buying properties. Since 2010 he has been actively buying 1 -2 properties a year and has accumulated 10 properties to date as a result of his property investment experiment. As a result, he has been advising his 300 clients, who mostly are senior managers, managers & executives from MNCs, on the best practices in financial management.

Ka Hoe have tried & tested the ‘Science Of Wealth’ (a series of practical steps for growing wealth), proving that these steps can be systemize & duplicated for practitioners who follows it.