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Financial Coach

Ka Hoe is a financial practitioner & a financial coach having been in the financial industry for the past 10 years & started coaching his clients since 2007. He is a frugal person who believe in adding value through financial education & putting these skills into practical everyday use. He is passionate about financial planning & believes in adding value through 1 to 1 consultation, coaching & seminar style facilitation of games & activities to help people realize their bigger potential.

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Cash flow management

Assist individuals to develop a simple,practical yet effective financial habit that will guarantee a healthy financials


Risk management

Identify gaps & develop a working plan to ensure a safety net for individuals by using different types of funding


Investment strategies

Develop an investment strategy towards achieving financial freedom


Debt restructuring advisory

  1. Identify the good debts vs bad debts
  2. Restructuring to optimize one’s cash flow & save on interest paid


  • Ka Hoe is my financial GPS, because he help to point me in the right direction. Before I use the ICE JAR concept, I was only 30% sure of my financials. But after I got to know him when I was invited to 1 of his sharing sessions, then I felt 100% confident on my financial management
    Justin, Information Technology Manager
  • Ka Hoe has help me change my financial outlook to be a smarter spender, saver & investor ever since he shared with me the ICE JAR concept. Without him sitting down with me, tweaking my financials, I wouldn't be able to confidently build my portfolio that is suitable to my risk profile. With the simple concept I was able to buy 2 properties worth 1.7 million in 3 years, pay off a renovation loan (70k) , set aside RM 500/mth for my daughter’s education fund & have a saving habit of RM 3-4k/month. I am really grateful to have him share his experience with me.
    Mak, Senior Manager KPMG
  • My wife & I have benefited tremendously from Ka Hoe’s coaching & advise, especially using ICE JAR which is easy to use & apply. In fact I feel more people should know about it & benefit from it as it is the foundation for anyone learning to invest. My networth has grown a lot ever since I met Ka Hoe. Keep it up.
    Dennis, Chief Executive Officer

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